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Use of DoD and Military Service Seals
Published: 06/25/2002 | Updated:  08/24/2016

May I have permission to use Defense Department and/or Military Service Seals?

The Defense Department and Military Seals are protected by law and reserved for official use only. Under U.S. Code Title 18, Section 506, unauthorized use of the Seals may include, but is not limited to commercial, marketing, advertising or promotion use by any non-government entity and is punishable.

Military Services have provided alternatives to their Seals for commercial purposes. They include logos or coat of arms. Permission to use any of these emblems but be made to the respective services. There is no such substitute for the Defense Department Seal.

Please visit the following link regarding the use of military seals and trademarks:

For general information on other limitations for public use, please visit the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC) web site at: