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Overseas Bases - Congressional Commision and the DoD Response
Published: 05/10/2005 | Updated:  09/10/2014
How can I find information on which overseas U.S. bases will be closed or realigned?

The Defense Department is moving forward with plans to reshape its force structure overseas through close coordination with Congress, other government agencies and U.S. allies and partners, defense officials noted in a briefing on May 9, 2007. Please note that there is a separate commission considering bases within the United States.

DoD welcomes the Congressional Overseas Basing Commission's support for the global posture realignment, announced August, 2006, by President Bush. The plan calls for the return of up to 70,000 troops and 100,000 family members and civilian employees currently based overseas to the United States. In announcing the initiative, President Bush said the U.S. force structure overseas reflects Cold War threats, not those that exist today. Basing more troops in the United States and taking advantage of new technologies to quickly deploy them and their increased combat power will result in "a more agile and flexible force," the President said. Returning heavier forces as well as administrative and support functions to the United States will help increase the flexibility of the U.S. armed forces and their ability to respond quickly as necessary, he said.

Throughout the planning, quality-of-life programs have remained a top priority, Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Policy Ryan Henry said. "We in DoD realize that the No. 1 resource we have in the department are the fighting men and women ... and their families who support them," he noted. "They are the one asset that we want to make sure we optimize."

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