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Military Casualty Office
Published: 02/18/2005 | Updated:  04/13/2015
How does the U.S. military inform the surviving family of the death of a service member? What is the process? Is there someone who can answer questions that the surviving family members have?

Our primary goal is to provide prompt reporting, dignified and humane notification, efficient, thorough and compassionate assistance to family members. Because of the sensitivity of this information, the Casualty Assistance Offices will first contact the soldiers appropriate next-of-kin in person. Our service branches each have a Casualty Assistance branch. Their mission is to assist the military families in an emotionally stressful time of bereavement. We offer websites and phone numbers to assist our military families and the many dedicated professionals who aid those families. The hotline staff cannot answer questions about casualties or soldiers wounded or missing in action. It is recommended for other family members/ friends to use the appropriate next-of-kin for sharing information.Military Departments Casualty Offices:

Department of the Army Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue Fort Knox, KY 40121 Telephone Number (800) 325-4988 Wesite -

Navy Casualty Assistance Division Navy Personnel Command 5720 Integrity Dr Millington, TN 38055-6200 Telephone Number (901) 874-2501 Web site -

Headquarters, Air Force Personnel Center Air Force Casualty Services ATTN: AFPC/DPWCS 550 C Street, West Suite #14 Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4716 Telephone Number (800) 433-0048 or (210) 565-5000 Web site -

U.S. Marine Corps Casualty Assistance Section (MFPC) 2008 Elliott Road Quantico, VA 22134-5102 Telephone number (800) 847-1597 or (703) 784-9512 Web site -