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GI Bill and Transfer of Education Benefits (TEB)
Published: 07/10/2008 | Updated:  03/23/2017

Where can I find information on the GI Bill and transfer of education benefits (TEB)?

There are several resources available for information on the GI Bill, and education benefits.

You can access information about education benefits at the following Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) web page:  This page also has the latest updates on the program; if you are experiencing delays in receiving your benefit, this is a good place to check.

The VA also has a separate page for the transfer of education benefits (TEB):

Additional information can be found on milConnect:

** If you have already contacted the VA, and they told you that they are waiting for the Department of Defense to review your information, please contact your Service-specific GI Bill Career Counselor, as listed at the following link: .**