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Congressional travel rules
Published: 03/11/2009 | Updated:  08/07/2014
What is the Defense Department's policy on Congressional Delegation (CODEL) travel?

Congress is authorized military airlift for official government business as prescribed in DoD Directive 4515.12, titled "Department of Defense Support for Travel of Members and Employees of the Congress."

There are no specific military assets that are devoted solely to Congressional Delegation (CODEL) travel. Various military aircraft and ground assets across all the Services are used to transport CODELs and other government officials in accordance with the DoD directive.

In addition, the House and Senate publish Congressional Travel Rules for their Members. For those rules, we ask that you contact the Secretary of the Senate or the Clerk of the House of Representatives. More information on the authorization and funds for congressional travel can be found in the quarterly House Financial Statement and biannual Report of the Secretary of State.