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BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) Assistance and Support Organizations
Published: 05/18/2005 | Updated:  09/10/2014
What resources are available to help communities through the BRAC process? What programs are available to help military dependent and civilian employees facing separation due to BRAC?

With the strong support of President Bush, the Department of Defense and several other agencies of government are working together to make economic assistance resources and information available to local communities affected by BRAC decisions, to include:

Personnel transfer and job training assistance, in collaboration with the Department of Labor. Local economic adjustment assistance through the Defense Department's Office of Economic Adjustment. Use of all of our authorities to accelerate and support reuse needs. Work with the Department of Commerce and other federal agencies to assist local economic recovery.

Additional BRAC information:

The best and most comprehensive website with current and past BRAC information can be found at

Help For Military Families:

The Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) is the Department of Defense's primary source for assisting communities that are adversely impacted by Defense program changes, including base closures or realignments, base expansions, and contract or program cancellations.

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