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Agent Orange
Published: 08/14/2002 | Updated:  09/04/2014
How do I go about accessing the records of herbicide spaying during the Vietnam war. I have heard that these records (Agent Orange) are publically available.

A large body of historical data exists on the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam and other countries and is readily available through the Department of Veterans Affairs at The history of Operation RANCH HAND in Vietnam has been thoroughly documented. Many historical records are also available online through the Special Collection Initiative of the National Agricultural Library, US Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, Maryland

In December 2006 the DoD published a report titled, The History of the US Department of Defense Programs for the Testing, Evaluation, and Storage of Tactical Herbicides. This report, available at provides an official compilation of locations and dates outside of Vietnam where the Department used herbicide agents, including Agent Orange, as well as locations and dates where DoD personnel were likely exposed to these agents.